Sunday, December 23, 2007

Champagne Supernovae

I have no idea why I choose to name this post so...first thing that popped into my head...much like the title this blog carries.

It really is a pity when a band that makes good music goes out of business - or transforms into something else. Guns 'n' Roses is a famous case in point. Did you know they still existed?

Well they do.

In any case, its a real shame when a band that could have been great just gets disbanded. They didnt even get to release a CD.

It was the cultural fest at Pilani and band was called Antaragni. The lead of the band was this guy called Raghu, who 's now trying to make it on his own. In any case he had some real fun stories to tell about his past experiences in Pilani. All bands I ve seen live try to do this - I guess it makes them a little more accessible to us, the audience. Hell.. in a Dream theater concert in Buffalo, we found out that Mike Portnoy's father passed through Buffalo once - to full throated cheers.

Im sure he did.

In any case this band was for sort of an "take two one free" deal with Parikrama - the guys famous for "But it rained"(or was it Mother Jane?). The anticipation in the auditorium was therefore befitting - most people were there just to ensure that they got a seat reserved for the Parikrama show.

They played for 2 hours - I think. And they were simply smashing. It wasnt a real band yet ...nuthn full time. It seemed like, correctly I learnt later, an experiment a few very talented people were trying - away from their main jobs. They had a violinist, and lead and rythm man(Raghu), a lead guitarist (who looked from far like Slash, leather and everything), a KICKASS bassist (Josey John - famed to play for every indian music director, except for Rahman (!!??!!)) and a drummer who played the drums standing up. They were dressed in saffron lungis n stuff...really trying to project their music as a mix of the Indian and the western - known in certain cycles as the Fusion genre these days.

Listen to Indian Ocean - you ll know Fusion music has a future.

In any case, the music was amazing...much better than anything else I have heard live since. I remember Raghu saying that they were on the verge of a record deal - and urging us to buy the record when it did come out.

I prayed hard for these guys...and hoped they would come out with a record. I was certain it would be a smash hit. Well you can judge for yourself.

Heres a youtube link someone benevolent has posted:

And here a folder that has a couple of their favorites that day at the concert

Sometime back, one of my friends wrote Raghu, to ask for a link to download Antaragni's songs from. She learnt that the band had broken up for good. They never did come out with a record.

Too bad..really! badshit! as they say in certain circles.


Happily, they arent gone forever. Oja and Goyal - Thanks!!