Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Finally!! I have my own blog. The past couple of months of my life have been filled with hours spend in front of the computer writing my own code or dissecting someone elses. I will not lapse into the commonly heard tirade over the ills of a software job, but I must admit that this kind of thing can get painfully boring sometimes, and sometimes just painful. It was during these painful times that I first started visiting blogs. I hope a few kindred souls find solace in this one as well.

I am uncertain as to what the purpose of this blog is. At first I had idea of having blog where I would only print (or is it publish??) the short stories that I hazard writing once in a while. But that would mean extremely infrequent postings - and a possible shunning of this page - but I guess I am pretty much running that risk either way - heh heh. But for a long time now the pieces of literature (hyuk hyuk) that I have churned (believe me!!) out are over-polite mails to university graduate offices and obsequious mails to college professors - and I REALLY want to do something about this.

Anyway, I am probably in the stage of my life where almost everything is uncertain - therefore I am not daunted by the idea of adding one more to the list. Lets see how this baby turns out.

(I had to make a very conscious effort not to lapse into e - spellings, if thats the word. Its been a long time and I hope I have succeeded.)


Akanksha said...

aaah FINALLY!! hope you keep the crap flowing... nd motivate me too!

Ojas said...
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Ojas said...

Finally.. Look who's here! Goodshpit :) The blogworld was missing you so far, baby! Welcome aboard.. n keep writing.