Wednesday, May 03, 2006


There suddenly seem to be too many decisions to be made that are going to affect my life irrevocably. It's actually getting a little tiresome. And it definitely doesn't help when people you know nod in a sagely manner and say - "Take your time. Think it out. It is an important decision.". Not that they are wrong, or that I resent their advice. It is just too daunting to suddenly realise that what your life is going to be like depends on what decision you make. Now this may make me seem like an irresponsible kid, who hasn't had the sense to realise this until he is 22. Let me elucidate.

Its not a decision of the nature of (as my Mom used to ask me on my lucky days) " What do you want to eat? Ruti and Dal or Luchhi (a bengali variety of the poori..delicious) and Chicken Curry". I used smirk disdainfully at the choices life threw at me then.You call this a decision? Its like asking someone to choose between a Premier Padmini De Luxe and a Buggati Veyron . That is not what I am talking about. These decisions have no happiness or sadness directly attached to them.

Maybe it seems like so much because I am relatively new to it and I somewhere in my head I still hope for someone or something to make the decision for me. But no!! Now it really looks like I will have to grapple manfully with these for the rest of my life and maybe someday when I know more of what life is like, I ll enjoy these dilemmas. Thats the hope.

So HOW on earth are you supposed to make these kind of decisions. Its all very well to pose rhetorical thoughts..but is there a solution? thing I did was to take advice. Its available in plenty out there. Another thing that helped is to collect related information. But filtering all the infomation and the advice and making sense out of it is where it gets tricky.

Eventually, I think, the answer lies in intense introspection. If you have got the answer to the question " What do I want?" clear in your head, the rest seems easy.


Saikat said...

sexy post dude. You couldn't be more right about the decision making thing. Its bloody difficult.
I am still grappling with the possibilities!

Hari said...

I am absolutely the wrong person to be commenting on anything that has to do with decision making. If you had asked me, mind you, you did not [ahem], but if you did, I would have asked you to have faith bro. Gut feeling -> make your call -> Sit back, relax -> Have faith. :)

Sujan Dhar said...

@ hari

The dilemma i was facing was with regard to a choice of universities..mundane..but eventually i went with the gut alirght..

How is urs goin?