Sunday, January 14, 2007


Its amazing how these things happen. I would rate Steven Gerrard right alongside Ronaldinho as the attacking midfielder of this generation - as I would that Frenchman Thierry Henry as the leading striker, possibly with Samuel Eto'o.

Now for the record, I am a Liverpool fan and admire Steven Gerrard above all the names mentioned above- UEFA Champions League 2005 has sealed that for life-but this is too glaring to ignore.

They say that the past has a way of repeating itself.

They also say that a "deja vu" is actually a product of the order in which two specific nerves fire in our brain getting interchanged.

When, on that fateful day in Arsenal's new home at the Emirates Stadium, Gerrard played a seemingly harmless back pass to his Goalkeeper, and saw the "loping frenchman" bound into his vision just as the ball left his boot - he would have rubbished the above definition.

To learn what I am talking about see this and immediately after - this.

Well - at least the goalkeepers weren't the same!

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Saikat said...

I see... you find a bit of time out of ghotting these days!!
I am back to blogging man... after a long time...