Tuesday, October 16, 2007

gin soaked boy

Some of you may have chanced across this on the world wide web...all encompassing and far reaching as its tentacles are. I did..some years ago..and was mighty impressed. So here I reproduce it in full, with the proper people credited of course...

Im the darkness in the light
Im the leftness in the right
Im the rightness in the wrong
Im the shortness in the long
Im the goodness in the bad
Im the saneness in the mad
Im the sadness in the joy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the ghost in the machine
Im the genius in the gene
Im the beauty in the beast
Im the sunset in the east
Im the ruby in the dust
Im the trust in the mistrust
Im the trojan horse in troy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the tigers empty cage
Im the mysterys final page
Im the strangers lonely glance
Im the heros only chance
Im the undiscovered land
Im the single grain of sand
Im the christmas morning toy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the world youll never see
Im the slave youll never free
Im the truth youll never know
Im the place youll never go
Im the sound youll never hear
Im the course youll never steer
Im the will youll not destroy
Im the gin in the gin-soaked boy

Im the half-truth in the lie
Im the why not in the why
Im the last roll of the die
Im the old school in the tie
Im the spirit in the sky
Im the catcher in the rye
Im the twinkle in her eye
Im the jeff goldblum in the fly

Who am i?

- The Divine Comedy's "Gin Soaked Boy"

Now theres so much to wonder in this. At times the words really sound too flippant to be serious. No wonder Salinger is invoked in it. Anyway, I found this poem pleasantly thought stimulating and I hope it does this for you too.

I call it a poem for a reason. I have never been more disappointed by a song. Thats right...I chanced across the words first. Do I hear murmurs of Dylan...? I respectfully disagree..I enjoy his music very much too.

The line I find the most to my taste, and would be the one Id best imagine myself to be is

" I m the hero's only chance"

Keeps you on your toes .. this one. In any case, I will not go ahead and spoil it all for you by talking too much.

AND I have made a solemn resolve to post with greater regularity, or as solemn as my dastardly laziness allows me to be...

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deepti said...

One of your better posts :) and i agree, he managed to completely ruin the effect of the lyrics with the song. even if it was done another way, i don't think any tune would have done justice to the words.